Music-Versity Workshops

Our Music-Versity programs include supplemental field trips, panels, workshops, master classes and other special opportunities to give students an inside look into the music industry and provide relevant interaction with college environments and young professionals in related fields. Music Unites is able to provide these students with intimate sessions with recording artists and industry leaders. Music Unites aligns Music-Versity opportunities with college and career readiness standards so students feel empowered, practice life skills alongside successful, young professionals, and learn how to engage their future dreams.

Previous Music-Versity workshops have featured intimate sessions with Music Unites Celebrity Ambassadors: Swizz Beatz, Michael Zakarin of The Bravery, Kate Nash, Danja and more. Companies that have supported our Music-Versity workshops in the past include: Grammy Live, Paramount Studios, Spotify and Viacom.

To sponsor a Music-Versity workshop or to get involved, please contact Glenda Fu at