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Posted: February 23, 2012

2441d332f03037c6ab7c4803b82799aaThe Park Slope Rock School offers students ages 8-16 the opportunity to practice, perform, write and record rock music in a positive, interactive and exciting environment, regardless of ability level. From the first day of class through the end of the semester, their students are making music as a band, learning the basics of playing and performing rock music in a collaborative setting. Their curriculum incorporates various elements of rock composition and performance, with lessons focusing on rhythm, chord progressions, improvisation, instrument technique, songwriting and stage presence.

In addition to learning how to play and perform classic rock songs, students at PSRS also have the opportunity to write their own original songs. Each semester, every band is expected to compose at least one original song as a band. Many of their bands hit the ground running and produce several amazing original songs by the end of the semester. PSRS has a relationship with Bunker Studios, a studio in NYC, and at the end of each semester, their bands hit the studio to learn about recording techniques and record their original music. With titles like “No Regrets”, “Global Warming” and “Moving On,” their students tackle some serious issues…they just might have the next Lennon or McCartney in our midst!

A portion of the songs sales will fund their next recording session, and the remainder will be donated to Music Unites to help fund music education programs throughout the country! Thank you to the Park Slope Rock School for wanting to partner with Music Unites for this initiative.