Music Unites is the leading non-profit charity organization supporting music education around the world.


Posted: November 1, 2009

84757f7c631d28524085625167e3bce6“Music Unites Hofstra creates the connection between MU and Hofstra students.  We aim to educate Hofstra students about the current lack of funding for schools musical education programs and the need to build and establish relationships between musical artists and the community.  These relationships will in turn enable musicians to not only be artists, but to become mentors.  MU Hofstra aims to spread the word about MU, but through actions on and surrounding the Hofstra Campus.  We wish to host numerous events that will raise awareness of MU and their purpose. MU Hofstra also aims to create a prominent presence on campus, in order for current and future students to become involved with our mission.”

–Jacqueline Lyons, Music Unites Hofstra Campus Representative