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Music Unites: WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO

Posted: January 14, 2012

466e5c117508c0547451ba96e7c305f6“I found out today I was accepted to the Clive Davis School of Recorded Music Music Mongols Program, it’s sort of like a pre-college program about music production and the music industry that really “encourages” future enrollment at the school. It feels like every time I step on stage or represent Music Unites, that I’m the luckiest girl not only to be able to grow from great mentors like you but to be in such a safe and inspirational environment to grow in as a musician and person. Basically a huge thank you to Music Unites because I don’t think I would have applied to the program if all the Career days and celebrities didn’t exist. They really touched me and now that I’m starting to make decisions for the rest of my life, like college and more, I just continue to realize the underlining fact that no matter where I go, there’s music and it really is uniting us all. It might sound corny coming from a little 16 year old, but honestly, I am the luckiest girl, so thank you for being here and putting your heart in something that really does impact so many. I can see this getting really big and really influential on culture. We’re in the middle of a renaissance! And it’s up to us to catalyze, I can feel it!” – Candace Camacho, Music Unites Youth Choir Member