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Music-Versity Career Day at Women’s Academy of Excellence

Posted: February 13, 2015

Our WAE program will be hosting a Music-Versity Career Day with panelists Deirdre Clute from Pepsi, Monica Alvarez from Pulse Creative, an ASCAP panelist, and Spotify panelist. This is the 9th annual career day held at the school that brings in female presenters to discuss their educational paths and professional passions.

Date: Wednesday February 25, 2015 
Time: 8:30 am to 1:30 pm 
Location: Women’s Academy of Excellence
456 White Plains Road ▪ Bronx, NY 10473 

Cecilia Pagkalinawan, Founder of AppLOUD
Deirdre Clute, Music Partnership at PepsiCo
Rachel Moreno, Global Director, Experiential Marketing at Spotify
Monika Julien, Account Coordinator at Cornerstone Promotion

02_Women's Academy of Excellence