• Melanie Fiona Brings Down the House for Music...

    d7c4e8ad62b3f95030a8db6974fa4e7eMelanie Fiona brought down the house on Tuesday night in NYC — and all for a good cause! This stylish songstress performed an exclusive benefit concert at Cooper Square Penthouse to benefit Music Unites, with some help from sponsors OK!, [...]

  • inPhotos: Melanie Fiona, Leslie For Music Uni...

    8e4a16d788745a002712720c8ecc0f1fRyan Leslie joined Melanie Fiona for a Music Unites benefit concert in New York Tuesday. Performing for guests at Cooper Square Penthouse, Fiona gave back with her best gift — her voice. [...]

  • Music of the Who to Be Celebrated at Carnegie...

    f8701a4a60a69c943144ff2c003a405dThe show is being presented by the music impresario Michael Dorf, founder of the Knitting Factory and the owner of City Winery, and is the sixth concert in a series. Previous concerts have celebrated Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, R.E.M., Elton [...]

  • Who’s Influence Still Felt

    5cdc896d23de45468e4bdff8961b7306Tonight at Carnegie Hall, more than 20 acts of different styles and eras will pay a more expansive tribute to the breadth of the band’s musical accomplishments. The Who formed in 1964, long before some of these musicians were born, but [...]

  • Performers use music to break barriers

    29fee135f0f7537003e634513893cc1bCause Celeb highlights a celebrity’s work on behalf of a specific cause. This week, we speak with singer Vanessa Carlton and violinist Joshua Bell about their work with Music Unites and music education. Music Unites is nonprofit charity that supports [...]

  • David Arquette helps the Music Unites Youth C...

    90c97e2075005dae08ecbeca90fc0c3aOn Tuesday, the Music Unites Youth Choir will make its debut at Carnegie Hall singing The Who songs and wearing specially designed shirts from David Arquette and Ben Harper's clothing line Propr. Not bad for 47 New York public high [...]

  • All-Star Who Tribute @ Carnegie Hall

    de28e3517ca477bf41dc066a4139faeaWHO’S WHO: A jam-packed marquee of artists pays tribute to the music of the Who at Carnegie Hall tonight. Among those tackling such enduring classics as “Baba O’Riley” and “Pinball Wizard” are Living Colour, Nicole Atkins, Sondre Lerche, the Smithereens, [...]

  • The Who tribute: Everyone from Patti Smith to...

    731d0bb376788d49f3c13b99ab03d77b"O Carnegie Hall, forgive me for what I am about to do.” With these words, Patti Smith began singing the Who’s “My Generation,” Tuesday night at Carnegie Hall. And sure enough, it was the kind of performance that Carnegie Hall rarely [...]

  • Patti Smith, Living Colour Pay Tribute to the...

    6a9ccef11179e4cbf937afe4aec6cb23I apologize for what I’m about to do,” said surprise guest Patti Smith last night at a Who tribute concert at the famed New York venue before launching into a snarling punk version of “My Generation,” during which she spit [...]

  • A Fitting Tribute to The Who at Carnegie Hall

    6bd8056c08b5b4d28de0e03fa025fbc7Proceeds from the show benefitted several charities, including Music Unites, whose five-month-old youth choir, comprised of students from NYC’s five boroughs, kicked off the program with a rousing arrangement of the Tommy Overture. I chatted with MU founder Michelle Edgar, [...]